Prenatal Program

Prenatal Information

Welcome to the North Carolina Down Syndrome Alliance (NCDSA). If you received prenatal test results that confirm or suggest a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, NCDSA is here to provide the support that would be most helpful to you and your family.

NCDSA services and resources are free and confidential. NCDSA provides accurate, up-to-date, balanced information, and the opportunity to speak with a trained Parent Mentor. Our Parent Mentor Program provides you with an experienced parent of a child with Down syndrome. Parent Mentors answer questions honestly and will do their best to describe the joys and challenges they have experienced in their personal journeys. NCDSA strives to match you with a parent mentor that has similar experiences.

Resources available:

  • Prenatal Information Packet
  • Parent Mentor Program
  • Personal connection to the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network
  • “Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis” contains the latest medical and developmental information about people with Down syndrome as well as resources, pregnancy options and helpful visuals and graphics. This booklet has been reviewed by major medical organizations involved in expectant women’s health. A copy of this booklet is included in NCDSA’s Prenatal Information Packet or you may download a digital copy here.

For immediate information and support, contact Mahala Turner, NCDSA Family Support Specialist at or (984) 200-1193. You may also complete the form below.