The Learning Program™

The Learning Program™


What is The Learning Program?
The Learning Program is a ten month program that uses effective teaching strategies and customized materials to support families in the educational process. The Learning Program complements formal instruction in literacy and math, with occupational and speech therapy components.

Although there are a variety of delivery models, North Carolina Down Syndrome Alliance will provide monthly instructional sessions for parents and students on a range of educational topics and distribute home-use materials.

NCDSA provides direct monthly instruction in literacy, math and fine motor skills for both child and parent. Children receive hands-on learning in centers that focus on literacy, math, and fine motor/handwriting in a classroom setting co-led by a qualified teacher and therapist. Volunteers are available to maintain a low teacher to student ratio.

  • Level 1 class is for ages 4 to 6 (pre-K to 1st)
  • Level 2 is for ages ranging from 7 to 9 years (1st to 3rd grade)

Parents receive instructions in a separate “parent only” class (held at the same time as the children’s class) on how to continue this education at home and in other settings. Parent topics include: literacy, math, memory, independence, and IEPs.

NCDSA is proud to make provide this program free of charge.