NC Parent’s First Call Program

NC First Call Program (for New & Expectant Parents)

Dear New and Expectant Parents,

Congratulations! North Carolina Down Syndrome Alliance (NCDSA) believes every baby deserves a joyful welcome. Whether the diagnosis is prenatal (before birth) or postnatal (after birth), the news is often overwhelming. More than likely you are feeling shocked, blindsided, confused or isolated. You are not alone in your feelings or on the journey ahead of you. Everyone at NCDSA is here to support you as new or expectant parents with accurate, up-to-date information. NCDSA has a variety of resources and connections available that can help you make important decisions for your family.

Call us today so we can help. (919) 532-9207

The NC First Call Program for New and Expectant Parents offers:

  • Prenatal Information Packet or Welcome Baby Bag containing gifts and resource
  • Award winning New Parent Handbook
  • Accurate and up to date information about Down syndrome
  • Parent Mentor Program to connect parents with similar journeys
  • Hospital and in-home visits upon request
  • Access to NCDSA’s full range of resources, programs, and community events including our New Parent Socials, New and Expectant Parent Meetings, Playgroups
  • Local, private, on-line communities
  • Connecting families with the nearest Down syndrome support agency in North Carolina

NCDSA services and resources are free and confidential. Our Parent Mentor Program provides experienced parents of children with Down syndrome to parents with a prenatal or newly diagnosed child with Down syndrome. Parent Mentors will answer questions honestly and will do their best to describe the joys and challenges they have experienced in their personal journeys. NCDSA strives to match new parents with parent mentors that have similar experiences.

Visits can be arranged with you and your family at hospitals or at home. NCDSA wants to serve as a shoulder to lean on, a voice of experience, and a source of current information. We provide all new parents up to date information about Down syndrome along with information about resources available to your family.

“Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis” has the latest medical and developmental information about people with Down syndrome as well as local and national resources, pregnancy options, and helpful visuals and graphics. A copy of this booklet is included in our Welcome Baby Bag. View a digital copy Here.

New Parent Meetings and Socials
NCDSA offers opportunities to connect with other families in many ways. Please see our calendar for upcoming events such as Moms’ Night Out, Dads’ Night Out, New Parent Meetings, New Parent Socials, and much more! These programs allow parents of individuals with Down syndrome to come together for informal support, networking, and fun. The gatherings are held several times a year in many different locations.

For immediate information and support
Please call (919) 532-9207 or email You can also arrange for a Prenatal Packet and Welcome Baby Baby by completing either of the forms below. You’ll also have the option in the forms to arrange a visit and/or be paired with a Parent Mentor.