NCDSA Community Groups

Community Groups

The vision of the ‘Community Groups’ is to provide support, connections, information, and be a resource to families while creating a warm, welcoming, empathetic environment. A Community Group is designed to create opportunities for families that have children with Down syndrome to network and share common interests, concerns, challenges, and information.

They do this through community events, informational meetings, Facebook webpages, or playgroups. Community Groups are categorized based upon “Area Specific” (i.e. Eastern NC or Triangle) or “Special Interest” (i.e. African American or DS-ASD). Each Community Group is considered an extension of the NCDSA. The overall direction is governed by the NCDSA but the decision-making authority is given to the groups so they can effectively meet their unique purpose and goals for serving families and individuals in their community.

Benefits to Joining a Community Group

  • Keep up-to-date on the latest news and medical information relating to Down syndrome.
  • Become part of a supportive, ever-lasting community that has a common bond.
  • Build friendships.
  • Increase your awareness about Down syndrome.
  • Get your questions/concerns answered.
  • Attend amazing events

Area Specific Groups

  • Eastern NC Families
  • Serving families in Pitt, Beaufort, Lenoir and surrounding counties
  • Triangle Families
  • Serving families in the Triangle Area including Wake, Durham, Chatham, Orange and Johnston counties
  • Southeastern Families
  • Group coming soon!
  • Sandhills Families
  • Coming soon

Special Interest Groups

  • NCDSA Parent First Call Group
    Serving New and Expectant families an opportunity to virtually connect with new families and mentors across the state. The group is for families under the age of 3.
  • African American Family Group
    Serving families by providing information, support and networking (Coming Soon)
  • DADS
    Discussion and networking on the aspects of being the father of a child with Down syndrome
  • Hispanic Family Group
    Social and educational opportunities for Spanish-speaking families
  • Grandparents
    Get connected with other grandparents and share great stories about your grandchildren
  • DS-ASD-Dual Diagnosis
    Discussion and networking on the aspects of individuals with Down syndrome and Autism.